Writing Up Research for Publication

Writing Up Research for Publication


This series of five one-day sessions examines the style of international peer reviewed journal research articles and provides practical guidance on how to structure an article for publication. The workshop uses current research articles in the participants’ fields of study to illustrate underlying structures for ordering and sequencing ideas and characteristic grammatical structures for each section of standard journal article formats. The workshop also looks at how journal editors work, the peer review process used by international journals and the ‘politics of publication’.


Course Outline


Session 1: Introductions and Abstracts

  • The four-move pattern in Abstracts

  • Current publishing practices and how they affect authors from developing countries


Session 2: Working with “the literature”

  • Accessing global literature databases

  • Methods and techniques for planning your literature review

  • Quotations and plagiarism

  • Accessing literature online


Session 3: Methods and Materials

(Note: The outline below is for quantitative research methods)

  • Appropriate levels of detail

  • Tense shift

  • Schemas for organizing methods and materials

  • Ethical Issues in Research: Editors responsibilities and publishers concerns


Session 4: Results and Discussion

  • Dealing with results: The good, the bad and the ugly

  • Linking results to the literature

  • Elements and schemas for structuring results

  • The visual communication of information


Session 5: Presenting & Submission

  • Presenting your research

  • Getting published (Selecting the ‘right’ journal and working with journal editors; the peer review process; working with reviewers and dealing with feedback and revisions

Audience: Researchers aiming for publication in local or internationally referred English language journals.


Duration: 5 days (consecutive or spaced)


Location: At your site or residential


Course instructor: Terry Erle Clayton 


Recommended group size: 5-15


Cost: USD 175.00/person