Ten Tips for Managing Multi-author Teams

                      Every professional should read this book

These kinds of skills should be integrated into graduate and post-grad programs. Currently, we learn these kinds of tips/ skills by experience on the job, which can be very inefficient. My last formal position was Director for Africa at the International Water Management Institute -- by then I had learned some of these skills, the hard way. I remain very active as a consultant and still work as a leader of teams working on international development.

Douglas James Merrey

                     Really useful for both academics and practitioners - it is very concise and well-written, straight to the point. It is generic enough to apply to all kinds of situations but at the same time provides concrete advice that is easy to put into practice. As I recently edited the special issue of an academic journal, I really see the added value of this book - I wish I had come across it a few months earlier!

Floriane Clement, Senior Researcher at International Water Management Institute / International Water Management Institute / University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne