I know my  way around the policy and technical sides of science, technology, environment, health & wellness. 


I am a "quick study". 


I excel at translating technical discourse into clear, highly readable prose.


I never miss deadlines. 

Bart Mourits, Senior Consultant

I got to know Terry as a person who very quickly can distill the essence of a whole lot of information he is 'bombarded' with during extensive meetings. Next to that, he is able to write it down in a way, that everyone understands (and agrees upon!). He is critical and sharp in his observations, and still a very nice, open minded person to work with!

Jonathan Shaw Executive Director, AIT Extension

I've had great experiences over the past few years working with Red Plough and with Terry Clayton in particular. Terry is a superb person to work with - able to take general requirements, and ask the right questions to focus the client's thinking. Always delivers committed, imaginative and detailed responses.

Andy Atzert Vice President for Distributed and Global Education at The New School

It was a joy to work with Terry at AIT. He was (and is) a skilled teacher and facilitator, able to create excellent up-front plans and materials and to make adjustments on the fly to suit the needs of the group he's working with. He's especially good at designing courses and materials for students and working professionals who are challenged to communicate complex ideas in English.