Chemistry in Australia November 2015

The future is chemical  

Chemistry in Australia November 2015 Page 24-27

Chemistry in Australia January 2010

The Myth of Insufficient Information
Chemistry International January 2010 Page 6-7

IT: When it comes to pirated software, it pays to be legal (Ghostwriter for Bernard Collin, CEO Safecoms Co. Ltd. Bangkok). TTOasia magazine, June 2008, Vol. No. 15 p. 70-71 Read here...

Outsourcing Information Technology (Ghostwriter for Bernard Collin). TTOasia magazine, July 2008, Vol. 2 No. 16 p. 68-69

Outsourcing and the future of editing

Food Ethics Autumn 2009 Volume 4 Issue 3

Wasted food, lost water

Ethical imperatives for water conservation

Autumn 2009 Vol. 4 Issue 3 p. 27

Issues magazine March 2011

Let 10,000 Adaptation Projects Bloom

Issues Vol. 94, March 2011 p. 4-7