Beyond Grammar Module 1

Video Lectures


About the week ahead

Unit 1: Your writing mindset

  • How this course is different:

  • The cognitive approach to writing

  • Definitions of ‘effective’, ‘productive’ and ‘efficient’

  • The four functions of writing

  • Writing as product, process, speech made visible, tool for thinking, a form of power


Unit 2: Changing the way you think about writing

  • An insight

Unit 3: Some basic concepts

  • A definition of writing

  • Genre and discourse

Independent Study


Ten Tips for Managing Multi-author Publications.


Check Your Understanding

Module 1 Quiz  lectures and readings

Module 1 Self-rating survey

Module 1 Readings Survey


Suggested sequence:

1. Watch the video lectures.

2. Do the readings.

3. Do the practicum exercises.

4. Take the quizzes.

For best audio experience use earbuds or a headset.